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Drop-in session in CBA-Gaithersburg

CBA drop-in sessions are now open to public. No membership requirement.

Drop-in schedule

3 hours for each drop-in session

    • Gaithersburg Fall daytime drop in sessions:

    • Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 10am - 1pm

  • Pre-paid drop-in packages​


Rules and Regulations:

  • This package is strictly for Gaithersburg location only.

  • This package can be share only among direct family.

  • Remember to book your drop-in sessions once you buy the drop-in package

    • Login to your account then click on ​BOOK SESSION to reserve your spot

    • Click on MY SCHEDULES to review or cancel your reservation

    • 1 hour in advance for cancellation or reschedule

    • Refund or credit is not allow for last minute cancellation

  • $10 drop-in pay at the front desk

Rules and regulations

  • Loaner Racket: $5.00 per racket per day

  • No coaching or any form of training allow during the drop-in sessions.

  • All players are required to check in at the front desk prior to play

  • Session Fees are applied in full whether one Drops-in to a Session in its entirety or a portion of it

  • Drop-in fees are non-refundable

  • Singles play only allowed when there are no other players waiting

  • On court warm up time shall not exceed 3 minutes

  • When others are waiting, play is limited to two games to 21 points or 15 minutes (whichever comes first)

  • Players who are waiting have priority over players who just came off the court

  • CBA does not allow Black Sole Shoes in the gym – No exceptions! 

  • Please bring a pair of indoor court shoes to play.

  • *Drop-Ins must leave when drop-in time ends – Thank You

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