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2024 CBA College

Capital Badminton Academy is set to host a badminton tournament, open for all college students on Saturday, Feb. 17 and 18, at the CBA-Columbia. The event will begin at 3 p.m.

The club welcomes all near by university students who are experienced as well as newbies with an aspiration to learn all about the sport, as well as those who are looking for an exciting day at the CBA-Columbia. The tournament is open for all players from any level and background who can dive in as a single player or merge with doubles or mixed doubles.


2024 College Tournament

CBA will be hosting a college tournament in preparation for schools participating in the Spring Collegiate.

Capital Badminton Academy - Columbia

  • 9188 Red Branch Rd Suite 430, Columbia, MD 21045

Registration and Payment Deadline: February 4th 11:59PM

Withdrawal Deadline: February 9th 11:59PM


  • Men's Singles (Cap at 32)

  • Women's Singles (Cap at 16)

  • Men's Doubles (Cap at 32)

  • Women's Doubles (Cap at 16)

  • Mixed Doubles (Cap at 32)

Date: February 17-18 3pm-11pm

  • Specific start times for events will be TBD

  • February 17: Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Women's Doubles

  • February 18: Men's Doubles. Mixed Doubles

Tournament Format: First Match Consolation

  • Guaranteed 2 matches

  • Winners of first round stay in the main bracket

  • Losers of first round move to the lower bracket

  • After first round, format moves to single elimination​

Tournament entry fee will be $30 for first event, $25 for second event, and $15 for third event.

  • 1 event: $30 total

  • 2 events: $55 total

  • 3 events: $70 total


  • Students that were active students during the 2023-2024 school year will be able to participate. This includes students that were active during Fall 2023 and students that are active during Spring 2024.

  • Participants may be asked to provide proof of enrollment to verify student status.

For any questions, please contact Jung Park through email at or through any other source of communication available to you.

Schools Participating

Towson University

University of Maryland (UMD)

George Mason University (GMU)

Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA)

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

University of Virginia (UVA)

University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus (UMBC)

Georgetown University

Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC)

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