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Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced adult badminton player, we have different adult level classes that could match your skill level and goals.


Look no further because our private lessons offered by our top-notched coaches could help you achieve that goal! In order to become a proficient badminton player, you will need to acquire a solid foundation, the correct form and sound techniques. 


Our private lessons offer a detailed and comprehensive coverage of the necessary skills required to help our students become confident and ready on the court. 


Private lessons are the most direct and effective way to learn and excel in your game. However, we do offer semi-private lessons as well so you can learn in a small group environment together and have fun interactively with your best friends and family members. 

60 minutes pricing with head coach

  • Drop in pricing: $95

  • 5 sessions package: $90 per session, $450 total

  • 10 sessions package: $85 per session, $850 total

90 minutes pricing with head coach

  • 1 time drop in pricing: $142.50

  • 5 sessions package: $135 per session, $675 total

  • 10 sessions package: $127.5 per session, $1,275 total


If you want 1.5 hr, then the price will be $95 x 1.5 = $142.50. 

If you buy a 10 session package, then the price of a 1.5 hr will be $85 x 1.5 = $127.50

Schedule training schedule 

Please contact us to schedule your private lesson first before buying the training package.

Sharing price among trainees

We allow max to 3 people to sign up for private class. If more than 1 person signs up for the class, we will only be billing 1 person. You will have to split the costs along with your friend(s). So if one person does not show up on a certain day, the class will continue to conduct on a regular length and the costs will be the same.


Package length and expiration

  • 1 session package will expire in 2 weeks

  • 5 session package will expire in 7 weeks

  • 10 session package will expire in 13 weeks.


MUST cancel your class 24 Hours before scheduled lesson to be able to reschedule for make-up class. No credit. No refund.



Train with assistant coach

$75 for Drop-in session

$350 for 5 sessions

$650 for 10 sessions

Coming soon

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