With two contrasting racquet profiles built into oneframe, the DUORA is designed to bring an all-around blend of power, speed, and control to a player’s game. Combining technology that enhances both forehand and backhand swings, the DUAL OPTIMUM SYSTEM remains sleek in design. Constructed with NANO METRIC DR*,  a lightweight graphite material weighing 60% less than conventional graphite, the DUORA offers players unparalleled swing speed, firmer shuttle hold, and enhanced repulsion for explosive shots.

YONEX Duora 55

$109.95 Regular Price
$89.95Sale Price
Color: Grey
    FRAME HM Graphite / NANOMETRIC ß
    SHAFT Graphite
    LENGTH 10mm longer
    WEIGHT / GRIP 4U (Avg.83g) G5
    STRING ADVICE 4U 19-24lbs, 3U 19-26lbs
    COLOR Dark Gray
    MSRP $109.95
    STRING Prestrung


    DUAL OPTIMUM SYSTEM, NANOMETRIC ß, ISOMETRIC, NEW Grommet Pattern, AERO+BOX Frame,Built-in T-Joint, Control Support Cap, Slim Shaft