Jun. 24 - Jul. 29

2021 CBA'S 


The 2021 Capital Badminton Summer League will start on Jul. 1 and end on Jul 29th. We will let all team members meet and play some warm-up games on June 24. Game times will start around 5:30 p.m. till 8 p.m. every Thursday evening at Capital Badminton Academy. Deadline for the registration is June 24, 2021.


Please read the rules and regulations below:


Team forming:

  • League is open for any skills of players

  • There are 4 divisions: A,B,C and D

  • Registration is accepted for team (genderless) of 2 players.

  • 6 players (3 teams) for each court

  • Round robin format in each division

  • Each team play 3 sets of 21 points against other teams. However players change every set (minimize waiting time for players)

  • Shuttlecock is provided by players. 

  • $179 per team, including 2 shirts.

  • June 24 - Meet and Greet! Warm up snd practice games from 5.30 - 8pm.

  • Summer League start on July 1 - 29. Gym open at 5.30 for warm up, game time start at 6pm and end at 8pm. 

  • Tournament format

    • Round robin format, each team will verse other teams

    • Play rally 21points with deuce.

    • Each match will be 21 rally points, switch court on score 11, but counting is continued (is not reset to zero-zero)

    • All scores must be recorded and will be calculated toward the final achievement list.

    • Each promotion/degradation and numbers of winning game set will be counted toward the winner of each division.

    • Every week, each division will get a score sheet to be filled out by each team.

  • Evaluations:

    • The that wins the majority of the games will be promoted to the higher division that is available.

    • The team that loses the majority of the the games will be degraded to the lower division that is available.

    • The first division placement/determination will be decided by the league director.

Registration fees:

  • $89 per participate.
  • Please find your own partner before sign up for the league.
  • We only take 12 teams (24 players).
  • Gym will open at 5.30 for warm up, game time start at 6 and end at 8 pm each week.
  • 5 weeks (7/1 - 7/29) of competitions plus 1 week of meet and greet on June 24.
  • 2 free CBA shirts per team.


  • Winners will receive medals.

All the teams will meet up on June 24 for the pregames. The tournament will start on the following Thursday, July 1 and end on July 29, 2021.