2020 CBA'S SPRING Internal Tournament

We are pleased to invite all of you to join our 2020 CBA Internal Badminton Tournament for Level 1 - 4 on Feb. 29, 2020, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Level 5 - 10 on Sunday, Mar. 7 from 9 am - 2 pm.

Main Goals:

  • Building FUN & JOY learning process in developing their badminton skills.

  • Delivering ENCOURAGEMENT and MOTIVATION for every junior in order to train harder and want to learn more in becoming a better athlete in the future.

  • Building the competitive spirit in every individual minds with small group before entering into any tournaments locally and nationwide.

  • Developing the training vibe becoming more meaningful and valuable experience in learning badminton with Capital Badminton Academy.

Rules & Regulation:

  • All participants have to be High School students and below.

  • The minimum age has to be 8 and above.

  • Registration fee will be $25 per participant.

  • Every participant is obligated to compete in the tournament with full of respect and fair game.

  • Every participant is obligated to follow every CBA coaches’ final judgement if there is any conflict during the game.

  • The tournament category will be divided base on SKILLS LEVEL. NOT toward participants age or school grade.

  • The tournament comes with 4 categories:

    • GREEN: Class 1 – 2 (Half-Court Game)

    • RED: Class 3 – 4 (Half-Court Game)

    • BLUE: Class 5 – 7 (Full Court Game)

    • BLACK: Class 8 – 10 (Full Court Game)

  • Every single game comes with 21 points in total for just 1 set only.

  • Every games will be played under SINGLE match format.

  • Every participant has to volunteer in becoming an empire in every single match.

  • Every participant has to bring their own basic badminton gears, or they can rent racket and shoes from CBA management.

  • All parents are allowed to cheer and motivate their child during the tournament. But NO YELLING or SCOLDING their child during the game.

Tournament System:

  • CBA coaches need to be present and conduct the tournament in making sure it will be a successful one in this pioneer event.

  • The tournament could go either PLAY-OFF or LEAGUE system depending upon number of participants registered.

  • The empire needs to collect the game score sheet from the front desk and need to return it back once it done.

  • Distributing the birdies will be managed and controlled by CBA coaches.

  • Before getting a new birdie, every participant has to show the damaged birdie to any CBA coaches.

  • The tournament will go under 3 season:

    • FALLS: in November

    • SPRING: in February

    • SPRING: in May


  • Every winner will get a medal from CBA management.

  • CBA will post every winner to CBA FB page.




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