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LEVEL 1 - 4 (HoCo)


Enroll your kids in our exciting fall regular training at our branch new facility in Columbia Maryland! Introducing your child to sports at an early age has several benefits. At CBA, we train kids as young as 6 years of age to pick up a racquet and start playing with the proper technique. Besides giving them a chance to play professionally in the future, early badminton training helps children develop a keen love for sports that will always keep them healthy and fit.

It’s also known that children who play badminton develop better balance and coordination, and fine motor skills while practicing the harmonious interactions between their limbs to play the game well. It also teaches children to be focused, as they must remain alert throughout the game.

CBA focuses on technique and instills sportsmanship qualities in your child, like patience, perseverance, teamwork, and camaraderie that will help them succeed in life, both as a sportsperson and an individual.


Level 1 - 4 in Columbia

Age: 6 - 17 yr old     |     Level: Rookie     |     Duration: 2 hrs   |   16 trainees max  |   4  courts

Step 1

Add the admin fee:

2023 Winter semester 

April 11 - June 16, 2023

$35 Registration Fee 

Step 2

Select 1 package:

1x a week: $45 per session

2x a week: $40 per session

3x a week: $35 per session

Step 3

Book your training sessions


Level 1 - 4 Junior Group Training

The purpose of this course is to introduce the sport and develop a child's interest in badminton. If you are new a player, this class is perfect for you! Here, you will learn the basic fundamentals of technique and footwork, rules, and the general game strategy. 

Starting this Spring CBA-Columbia start a brand new Jr. group training for kids who is age between 13 to 17 years old. The main purpose for the change is to separate older kids from the group so coach can designs the program that will work well with them. In the meantime, we moved all younger kids age 12 and under from 3pm to 5pm with only 8 people max per sessions since younger kid needs more patience from our coaching staff.

Fall-Winter Level 1-4 training schedules:

  • Tuesday: 5pm to 7pm

  • Thursday: 5pm to 7pm

  • Friday: 5pm to 7pm

  • Saturday: 3pm to 5pm (max 8 trainees with age 12 years old and below)

  • Sunday: 3pm to 5pm​​ (max 8 trainees with age 12 years old and below)

  • Saturday: 5pm to 7pm (Age require between 13 to 17 years old)

  • Sunday: 5pm to 7pm​​ (Age require between 13 to 17 years old)

Level 1 - 4 training packages:

  1. Once a week, $45 per session.

  2. Train twice a week, $40 per session.

  3. Train 3 times a week, $35 per session.

No training for Level 1 - 4 on the following dates:

  • No training schedule on April 22, 2023

Spring Break badminton camps:

Training program

  • 5pm - 5:30pm:

    • General physical conditioning – warm-up & cool down exercises, cardiovascular / endurance exercises, strengthening & flexibility exercises

  • 5:30pm - 7pm:

    • Basic strokes – including proper grip, a swing of the racket, follow-through, using full-body motion through, racket and shuttlecock point of contact, how to serve & return

    • Basic footwork and stroke combination


MUST schedule 24 Hours before scheduled lesson to be able to reschedule for make-up class. No credit. No refund.


Our staff will take the temperature of everyone who not feeling well at the gym with an infrared thermometer. Please note that anyone with a temperature >100˚F will be turned away for safety measures. If possible, please check you and your child(ren) temperature before bringing them to the facility. In addition, if anyone is sick in the household, we ask that you or your child(ren) stay at home until they have fully recovered.

Rules and Regulation

The $35 non-refundable required registration fee is due upon registration for each student each semester. Please add the registration package along with the training package. The training will be 2 hours with 4 courts. The tuition is due on the first day of the session. Discounts do not apply to the signup fee. The 5% Sibling Discount only applies to the lesser of at least two full session tuition. 

Refund Policies

Withdrawal: 100% refundable of tuition before April. 5, 2023; 50% refundable of tuition before April. 30, 2023. Not refundable after May 1st, 2023. A $50 administration fee will be charge.

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