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As a part of an effort to grow badminton amongst students, CBA is launching the College Program. The College Program held in the Columbia location of CBA is an exclusive program meant for current college/university students as well as recently graduated college/university students that have not started working full-time. The program will be 3 hour sessions on Saturday nights at 7pm - 10pm with 1.5 hours of training and 1.5 hours of open court play.

CBA will hold a Trial Day for the program on May 20th at 7pm - 10pm. The registration fee for the Trial Day is $15 here person. Sign up now!


The program is open for all levels. The training will be catered towards groups based on skill level and going over different drills that cover techniques such as footwork, racket strokes, and tactics such as game knowledge. There will be court time following training to practice applying skills learned through playing.


  • Current college/university students

    • ​Proof of enrollment in college must be given at check-in

  • Recently graduated students that do not have a full-time job

    • Proof of graduation within the last year must be given at check-in

  • For any questions, contact Jung Park at


  • 12 weeks split into two 6-week sessions

    • First session: June 3rd - July 15th

      • No meeting on June 24th

    • Second session: July 22nd - August 26th


Make-Up Policy

  • Make-ups can be requested 24 hours in advance

    • For 6 week sessions, make up can be made in the following session

      • If making up a night from the first 6 week session, the make up night will be done in the second 6 week session

    • For 10 week and 12 week packages, participant can manage their sessions through their CBA account

Refund Policy

  • Refunds can be made fully until the week before the session start date

    •  Full Refund Deadline: May 27th

  • Refund for second 6-week package will be July 15th

  • No refund after start of program on June 3rd

    • (July 15th for the second 6 week package)


CBA College Training

12 sessions package

Saturday night

June 3rd to August 26th

Only $33/session

No make-up or refund if you purchase 12 week training package.


CBA College Training

6 sessions package

2nd session: Jul 22 - Aug 26


Allow make-up


CBA College Training

May 20 trial day


7pm to 10pm


Space is limited


CBA College Training

6 sessions package

1st session: Jun 3rd - Jul 15


Allow make-up


CBA College Training

10 sessions package

1st session: Jun 3rd - Jul 15

2nd session: Jul 22 - Aug 26


Allow make-up

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